Groundsheep Day 2015

From:  Tom Geigel
    To:  All ATL
Date:  29-January-2015
Subj:  Groundsheep Day!

Everyone's heard of GroundHOG day (not only an annual event in
Punsxutawney, but a Bill Murray movie set on that day), but have you
ever heard of GroundSHEEP Day? Google it to find a brief history of the event.
Started as a diversion to an ATL IRAD by former ATL Engineer, Nick Straguzzi, and myself, it was a popular tradition amongst the ATL softball team (considering that the groundsheep was either the team mascot or manager, depending on whether we were winning or losing. There is even a controversy over which came first, Groundhog Day or Groundsheep Day, but we will leave that open wound alone.)

Anyway, Nick has been keeping the tradition going with his son, Scott, and has advised me that not only is this the 30th year for this event, but 2015 is also the Year of the Sheep in the Chinese calendar. So, in honor of these confluences of events, this year's ceremony will take place by the front entrance of the Cherry Hill office at 9 AM. If you are looking to take a break, feel free to mosey down and join in the festivities. What better way to start Engineers Month!

Don't forget:
Monday, February 2nd
9 AM
By the front entrance of the Cherry Hill office

Tom Geigel,
Master of Ceremonies, Groundsheep Day 2015

PS: Just in case you didn't Google the topic and are confused, the aformentioned Groundsheep is a STUFFED sheep and the inspiration for the ATL Picnic's "Rocket Sheep Launch." So set your mind at ease, PETA; no actual animal is being used for this event.

With special thanks to my friend and co-conspirator in ovine silliness for over 30 years, Tom Geigel, for this year's story!
Music: "SuWu Herds Sheep" (Traditional Chinese folk song), "Year Of The Cat" (Al Stewart)
RIP April, 2004-2015, the First Canine of the Board Of Directors. Woof!
If you are wondering what the Chinese character in the title bar translates to, click here:  

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