Groundsheep Day 2018


With Scott away at college and the distraction of the Eagles in the Super Bowl (not to mention the fact that after last year's electorial fiasco, Congress voted not only to impeach Shearson but to exile him to Nunavut), I really didn't think there would be a Groundsheep Day story this year.

Thanks then for inviting us to participate in another festive GSD ceremony at ATL this Friday! Getting Shearson back from arctic Canada turned out not to be all that hard. The Inuit seemed only too happy to return him. They even paid for the postage.

Below is a video account of our visit to Cherry Hill this morning, and of Shearson's meteorologic forecast for the next six weeks. He's rarely wrong, as you know. He also predicted that the Eagles will beat the Patriots on Sunday and that the Earth will be destroyed by a giant meteor next Wednesday. It's apparently a package deal. I'm good with that.

Take care!

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